The world is missing out on billions of dollars because we don’t know how to establish equal opportunities for men and women. In fact, we would all be much, much richer if we were not so afraid of feminism. Comedian Ane Høgsberg reluctantly starts looking at her own life, and well, the rest of the world.

In Denmark, it does not matter if you are uneducated or an engineer – as a woman you earn less than a man, much less.

But are women just unambitious, or is there actually a good reason why we don’t speak up? Ane herself has experienced being bullied for being a woman, even though she was really just trying to take care of her work. Could this be the reason that women, on one hand, are the best educated in Denmark, but on the other hand also the most underrepresented.

The world is just not designed for you at all. Neither the car you drive or the vital medicine you take. The world is pr. definition designed for a man and you can die from it.

So Ane seeks out a myriad of strong women as well as the Youth in the hope that they can put a turbo on the fight for equality in Denmark. Everything is wrong, but who should do something about it?