Natholdet is a late-night comedy talkshow focusing on daily unintentionally funny content from the media.

In each episode the host and anchor Anders Breinholt welcomes a new celebrity co-host for the evening. Together they watch current clips from the media of the day.

The overall premise of Natholdet is to “say what everybody thinks, but doesn’t dare to say” and to create a space for all the stuff that doesn’t fit in anywhere else in the broadcasters’ schedules. An important point about the show is also to make a humorous criticism of the media, for being sloppy, redundant, too full of themselves, irrelevant or straight up silly.

The clips are not your usual YouTube funny moments, but instead unintentionally funny clips from 24 hours news stations or content from smaller local TV-stations. The important thing is that the comedy is created by framing or re-contextualizing the content in a funny way and also in the commentary by the host and the co-host. While the host and co-host are ironical or harsh it is always done in a loving way towards the people in the clip.

In 2011 Natholdet won the award for “This years original Danish TV ” at the Zulu Awards. In 2013 Anders Breinholt won the TV Prize award for “Male TV Host”. In 2015 and again in 2017 The Night Shift won the TV Price award for “Best TV on multiple media”.