The two enthusiastic hosts, Thomas Warberg and Brian Lykke strapped on the entertainment helmet and created a cool spin on all the funniest, wildest and most surprising events from the Winter Olympics in South Korea!

The show was bursting with fun clips, entertaining quizzes, celebrity guests, not to mention the biggest Olympics fails. The viewers got a humorous and very different perspective on the games.

In addition, the two hosts Thomas Warberg and Brian Lykke was wearing close to incriminating tight spandex suits as well as bringing their own unathletic limbs at risk, when trying to perform a series of Olympic disciplines – how difficult could it be? They were tested in skihop, bobslede and of course art skating,- in the studio’s minimal sports lab.

‘Olympic Late Night’ was a crazy, fun and different view on the world’s unconditional largest and most prestigious sporting event. It dit not go down quietly.