In Tiger & Morfar, we followed the friendship between the grandson Tiger and the grandfather Aage. It’s a friendship with an expiration date because Aage suffers from dementia and will soon no longer recognize Tiger.

Throughout the series we followed Tiger’s way of dealing with the grandfather’s situation. We followed how someone can choose to be there for the oldest in the family, before it’s too late and how to tackle when the one’s closest to you, is slowly disappearing.

Tiger does things in his own way, and its a way full of humor. He uses pranks and games on his grandfather, and the blend of humor, and the feelings Tiger has for his grandfather becomes the crucial of their relationship.

The show was a tale of how friendships can arise across generations and out of an otherwise emotionally difficult and hopeless situation.

The mission of the show, was to inspire young people to think about what relationship they have with their grandparents and parents.