We took two crazy car enthusiasts/famous TV personalities. Added some everyday Danes and their cars. Put in a tip of useful info and stir it all up with love, humor and great photography. Then you get the recipe for the first ever Danish produced primetime car show: We Love Cars.

Two of danish television’s most famous personalities took a new approach by making a different kind of primetime TV show about cars.

TV host Anders Breinholt and lifestyle expert Christian Grau took a fun approach to – and an inspiring journey into the world of cars.

Both of them really and genuinely love cars – but each in their own way: Christian Grau as the calm, history-loving esthete and Anders Breinholt as the impulsive, rowdy and speedloving car enthusiast. The two men are both dynamic characters that ensure that the show never gets boring or static.

In a lightly – and far from nerdy approach – they got around and about in search of the fascination and love for cars.

We Love Cars examines how cars affect the normal Dane. Why do Danes drive small cars? Why do some people spend all their money on a supercar?. Apart from the fascinating stories with excited car lovers from all over Denmark – the show tries to “educate” the viewers throughout the different programmes in matters of driving in the winter, how to get your car through the mandatory vehicle inspection and do’s and don’ts when selling or buying a used car. In the summer 2016 we are producing the third season of the programme.