Whether it’s talk shows, investigative journalism, live events, advertising, or humorous facts, Pineapple always guarantees content that is out of the ordinary.

We create engaging content for TV, podcasts, digital platforms, and wherever else we can delight viewers and listeners. With the most talented people in the industry, we produce over 200 hours of media content every year – and we do it with a love for a good story and a lifelong passion for laughter, legendary clips, and touching moments.

Partners Anders Breinholt and Ricco Wichmann founded Pineapple Entertainment in 2013 with a desire to create the best talk shows, comedy, and entertainment programs for all TV channels in the country. Since then, the company has expanded its portfolio to include funny, relevant, and impactful content for all kinds of platforms.

Thank you for your interest in us, and remember, if you’d like to contact us regarding job opportunities, ideas, or thoughts, you are always welcome.